Planetary Radio

Planetary Radio is a weekly 30-minute radio show devoted to space exploration and astronomy, hosted and produced by Mat Kaplan and The Planetary Society. Every week, it consists mostly of interviews and telephone-based conversations with a scientist, engineer, project manager, artist, a writer and an astronaut. In addition, it contains segments such as "Questions and Answers", hosted by Emily Stewart Lakdawalla, space headlines, and the program ends with a light-hearted segment called "What's Up" with Bruce Betts which highlights where and when you can see significant astronomical events that week, a random space fact, an announcement of any anniversary, and a space trivia contest. Occasionally, Planetary Radio will cover proceedings of conferences related to the exploration of space.It first made its debut on the Internet in November 2002.

  • 2009/2016
  • Mar 19:00 - 20:00
  • The Planetary Society